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SanAqua is a water treatment company specializing in the design, construction and commissioning of potable water and effluent treatment plants using proprietary patented technology.

We provide a full range of water treatment services for the industrial and municipal sectors.  We offer everything from emergency water supply and conventional water treatment processes to waste-water re-use systems.

Our turnkey solutions are available for all sized  water treatment applications,  from small to large scale projects.

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SanAqua Benefits

     Sanitised water

    Rapid flocculation

    Rapid sedimentation

    Operational savings

    Quick installation

    Low energy use

    Increase volume output

    Small site foot print

    Low ownership costs

    Eco friendly


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Hydrochemical Activation™ Process Integration Alternative
hydrochemical activation process integration alt

HydroChemical Activation™ is a leap forward in technology based on complex electronic control of electromagnetic destruction of a wide range of contaminants in a variety of waters.  

The equipment can be rapidly installed, has an extremely small footprint and does not require any major alterations to existing treatment facilities.

Our retro-fitting solutions are ideal for companies or municipalities with existing water treatment plants that  have capacity limitations  and do not meet regulatory standards.

Our scalable modular technology can be rapidly integrated into existing treatment processes at a capital cost that is a fraction of what is currently offered in the water treatment industry.